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Today was great until swimming :/ I ordered my pre-sale 2013 Warped Tour tickets and i am so pumped for the show. I was understand all my classes and did not struggle. Then I went to taco bell after school with my friends and it was awesome! Then i came home and relaxed waiting to go to the school so i can take the bus to the meet. Even the bus ride was fun, we sang along with Christmas music and played games! But finally when the meet started,we were getting DESTROYED!!! I mean i cannot stress that. Then to top that off, i did my worst ever, even against my teammates. I swam so poorly and i do not even know why. I think it is because my bad knee was hurting or maybe i have slightly been slacking in practice. I do not know, but whatever it is, i am going to work my ass off to fix it. 

A lesson i learned today, never slack at anything. Always do everything at 100%, even if you drop from sleep deprivation, hell, a person should not even have time to breathe. Maybe that is too drastic, but my point is made and I can improve my times and do well the next meet!  


Today was quite average besides my lunch and spanish class. I had two quizzes, one of which i did not know was today, but thought it to be tomorrow:/ But during lunch i played harry potter uno with my friends and it was so much fun! Then when i had spanish, we went outside and made art out of nature. It was a blast because i spent it with my two friends! Then i went to swimming, which felt shorter than usual. Finally when i thought my day to almost be over of activities, i had to go to the library to work on a History project. Luckily my artistic side came out and i planned the whole project and drew it out. I surprised myself and it came out great. So now i am here writing this for whoever to see and watching t.v. Hope everyone had a more exciting day than mine!


So today, I woke up and was honestly dead tired, but I got up and started off my day with a nice shower and some good music. Had myself some lucky charms and went to school. Once i got there i talked to a few of my friends and before I knew it, the school day has already started. Right into a swing of things i start off in math….yipppeee. But i get through the class lately because first of all i actually am understanding some of the stuff going on right now, and there is this really cute girl in there; so you know, that helps too. Then i go onto English which is a breeze as well as Chem and then into lunch. I get to see all my friends and get a mental break from the hectic day. Then i go onto History which is AMAZING because we are learning about World War I; which is so interesting. Then onto Spanish which is a blow-off class and then….wait for it… AP BIO; The freaking death of me. Honestly i despise the woman that teaches that class. She is honestly the spawn of Satan  Actually, i do not even think the devil could have created such an evil woman; i think she is the devil itself. She takes points off when the answer is correct and then yells at you for telling her she is wrong. She makes my GPA into crap, and i cannot even drop the class. But finally, once that bell rang, i was off to swimming. My reprieve for the day to relax and laugh with all my friends on the team with me. Today was a real easy practice as usual because the practices are only 30minutes. Finally, i ended my day off with some nice dinner and riding of the EMT squad. So all and all, it was a good day :)

Hello :)

So here is my introduction to me. I love life in general and am here to blog! I love to snowboard and swim :) Without those two hobbies/sports, i would not know what to do with myself. I am also here to help anyone if they need any advice! My favorite color is red, i am a sagitarius. If you have any questions for me, go for it!

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